Meet the Watch


Meet The Watch

“There are watches that defy easy description, and the Formotion N-Wave Professional Chronograph is one of them. At first glance, it looks like a watch that was partially melted in the fires of Mount Doom, but closer inspection shows that the designer who put this watch together knew a thing or two about creating drama on the wrist.”

Read watch guru Andrew Hughes blog on the circa 2005 Formotion N-Wave watch - which has become a rare and followed piece; one to find and own. Andrew writes the popular watch blog where he explores different aspects of his horological obsession.

PRESS RELEASE: What Does Harley Davidson, Polaris and Triumph Have In Common?

… Formotion.

That’s right, Formotion.  You see, Formotion was the original creator of the very first on-board analog clock and thermometer accessory for your bike.  It all started 17 years ago, when in 2000 they introduced what was then known as “The Scooter Clock” – a cool little water-resistant analog clock and thermometer that you could hang on your bike like a fine Christmas ornament. 

Then in 2003 The Harley Davidson Motor Company asked Formotion to make some of their gauges for them directly – which by-the-way, they still do today.  Two years later, Polaris asked Formotion to develop a set of gauges for their Victory Motorcycles.  Which takes us to 2016 when legendary motorcycle manufacture Triumph sought Formotion to produce a set of their clocks and thermometers for their new release, the Triumph Bobber.  Not a bad pedigree of “Original Equipment” customers.

But to the chagrin of their direct retail customers, Formotion in 2013 ceased selling its own Formotion branded line to the public, focusing instead on expanding into other OEM manufactures and adjacent markets.  But that’s all over – at least somewhat.  Formotion has just announced a limited re-release of their own branded and most popular “Signature Series” gauge set.  The Signature Series gauges, available only through their web site – - showcase what customers have come to trust with Formotion products; superior quality and absolute dependability. 

Don’t believe me?  Check this out: Using Formotion's patented Bolt-On mounting design, the gauges meet some impressive specs:  Corrosion Resistance to BS EN ISO 9227-2012.  Neutral salt spray testing for 240 hours.  Water resistance to five atmospheres.  Internal thermometer coil with oil encapsulation for superior vibration resistance (a Formotion exclusive process).  Miyota Super 2035 clock movements. Internal Teflon I-Rings and 304L marine grade stainless steel cases and backs meeting all US and European standards including ASTM /ASME: S30403, EURONORM: 1.4303 and AFNOR Z2 CN 18.10.  Even if you don’t know what all that really means - trust us – that’s impressive in a product under $80!

Formotion is the leading provider of analog time and temp gauges for high-endurance powersports with more than 300,000 products on the road today.  For more information about the Formotion Products line, see the website at, or contact Formotion Products.  Formotion - Adding Value, Function and Convenience to a motoring world for over 17 years.





Formotion & Triumph Motorcycles to debut at EICMA in Milan, Italy

Triumph Introduces the 2017 Bonneville Bobber and the OE built Formotion Gauge Set at EICMA.

Triumph's roots may have been laid in the UK, but the British company isn't afraid to llok elsewhere for inspirition when designing new models.  The 2017 Bonneville Bobber is proof.

The Bonneville Bobber has been designed with customizing in mind, and over 150 accessories will be also available to make their Bobber yours!  This includes the new Clock and Thermometer Gauge set built to Triumph standards for them by legendary gauge maker Formotion Products Inc out of Sacramento California USA.  

EICMA organizes the International Motorcycle Exhibition , in Milan: is the only platform in the world capable of illustrating all the different aspects of the two-wheeler world.  It is amply confirmed as the world event that attracts most visitors, trade and press so much so as to guarantee a higher visibility than any other event of this sector.

Fiera Milano RHO

(Milan Convention Center in Rho area of Milan)

November 8-13, 2016


Trade/Press days:  Nov. 8-9, 2016

Consumer Days:  Nov. 10-13, 2016

The exhibit center is located about 30 minutes from the Malpensa Airport in the Northwest corner of Milan.  From the center of town, you can reach the convention center via the REDLINE on the Metro and get off at the FIERA MILANO RHO stop.


Jay Leno's 1971 Pantera and Formotion Clock

In the last 17 years Formotion has shown up in and with some very cool people and places - from Bud Lite Champ Boats, NASCAR, Formula 1 and now we find out even Jay Leno's 1971 De Tomaso Pantera!  How cool is that - we just had to share!  Here are a couple shots from the YouTube Video.  These are just captured screen shots and not the actual video.

Fresh from showing up Enzo Ferrari at Le Mans, Henry Ford II approached Alejandro De Tomaso with an eye toward taking on the Italian exotics again, this time in the showroom. This was Henry the Deuce's better idea: If De Tomaso and his connections (at that point, he owned Carrozzerias Ghia and Vignale) could design and build the car, Ford would provide the V-8 power and sell the car stateside through its vast dealership network.

And so was born the Pantera. Styled by American expatriate Tom Tjaarda, and designed by Gianpaolo Dallara of Lamborghini Miura fame, the GT was powered by a Ford Cleveland V-8, mated to a German-made ZF five-speed gearbox.

The Pantera was intended to be a high-volume car, by supercar standards, and Ford contributed its considerable expertise in keeping production costs down. Unlike its predecessor, the Mangusta, the Pantera used unit-body construction in place of a separate tube chassis. Suspension was by conventional double A-arms all around, with anti-roll bars at both ends.

N-Wave Wrist Watch Reborn

Here's a peek into the Formotion garage.  Check back often - this is where we cook up some pretty cool goodies.  Below is our newly design N-Wave wrist watches.  When the first series N-Waves were announced in the Fall of 2006, they were an istant success.  A day hasn't gone by that our customers don't ask us to bring 'em back.  We are thinking seriously about doing this with an updated version - the N-Wave ll.  We'd love your feedback.  Tell us what you think by sending us a note on the form below.  Follow this link and tell what you like and what you don't like and to view all the models.  If you want to be in-line to receive one of the first models, tell us that too!

Formotion and N-Wave is a trademark of Formotion Products Inc - All rights reserved.  Design and Utility Patents pending.

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