PRESS RELEASE: What Does Harley Davidson, Polaris and Triumph Have In Common?

… Formotion.

That’s right, Formotion.  You see, Formotion was the original creator of the very first on-board analog clock and thermometer accessory for your bike.  It all started 17 years ago, when in 2000 they introduced what was then known as “The Scooter Clock” – a cool little water-resistant analog clock and thermometer that you could hang on your bike like a fine Christmas ornament. 

Then in 2003 The Harley Davidson Motor Company asked Formotion to make some of their gauges for them directly – which by-the-way, they still do today.  Two years later, Polaris asked Formotion to develop a set of gauges for their Victory Motorcycles.  Which takes us to 2016 when legendary motorcycle manufacture Triumph sought Formotion to produce a set of their clocks and thermometers for their new release, the Triumph Bobber.  Not a bad pedigree of “Original Equipment” customers.

But to the chagrin of their direct retail customers, Formotion in 2013 ceased selling its own Formotion branded line to the public, focusing instead on expanding into other OEM manufactures and adjacent markets.  But that’s all over – at least somewhat.  Formotion has just announced a limited re-release of their own branded and most popular “Signature Series” gauge set.  The Signature Series gauges, available only through their web site – - showcase what customers have come to trust with Formotion products; superior quality and absolute dependability. 

Don’t believe me?  Check this out: Using Formotion's patented Bolt-On mounting design, the gauges meet some impressive specs:  Corrosion Resistance to BS EN ISO 9227-2012.  Neutral salt spray testing for 240 hours.  Water resistance to five atmospheres.  Internal thermometer coil with oil encapsulation for superior vibration resistance (a Formotion exclusive process).  Miyota Super 2035 clock movements. Internal Teflon I-Rings and 304L marine grade stainless steel cases and backs meeting all US and European standards including ASTM /ASME: S30403, EURONORM: 1.4303 and AFNOR Z2 CN 18.10.  Even if you don’t know what all that really means - trust us – that’s impressive in a product under $80!

Formotion is the leading provider of analog time and temp gauges for high-endurance powersports with more than 300,000 products on the road today.  For more information about the Formotion Products line, see the website at, or contact Formotion Products.  Formotion - Adding Value, Function and Convenience to a motoring world for over 17 years.