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Photo of Hank Young courtesy of Tom Zimberhoff and Art of the Chopper.


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Our new Signature Series and our latest version of our famous Reference Series (RSL-02) of on-board clocks and temperature gauges are here.  And we brought back Formotion's exclusive Oil-Filled technology for our temperature gauges; making them the toughest, longest lasting instruments for motor sports on the market - period.  It's why top motor-sport companies like Harley Davidson have over 150,000 units in service and why Triumph and Polaris have used Formotion for their own OE applications for years - but you knew that.  Check out our NOS Closeout section too - for great deals on New Old Stock items.


Original Equipment

We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing time and temperature accessories for some of the top global motorsport manufactures in the world. With your name on the outside it's important to get it right - and with our name on the inside, you can trust it is.


Meet The Watch

“There are watches that defy easy description, and the Formotion N-Wave Professional Chronograph is one of them. At first glance, it looks like a watch that was partially melted in the fires of Mount Doom, but closer inspection shows that the designer who put this watch together knew a thing or two about creating drama on the wrist.”

Read watch guru Andrew Hughes blog on the circa 2005 Formotion N-Wave watch which has become a rare and followed watch; one to find and own. Andrew writes the popular watch blog where he explores different aspects of his horological obsession.