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Why there’s noting quite like formotion gauges

Formotion instruments are the only vehicle time and temperature gauges fully certified by independent testing laboratories for ISO material grade tolerances, vibration endurance standards, corrosion, UV resistance and water resistance.  All our gauges are designed and tested to stand up to the harshest environments from weather, temperature, vibration, and g-force shock using materials and components such as 304 & 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel cases and mounts, special UV resistant copper IP face dials and full thermometer ‘no bubble’ oil encapsulation - for years of trouble free service.  Why’s that important?  Well, it's why over the last 20 years, more race teams, custom builders, manufactures like Harley Davidson, Triumph and Polaris and other aftermarket providers are using and selling Formotion branded or Formotion custom manufactured timepieces and thermometers in their own products, on their teams and in their shops than any other. When style, performance, and dependability count … choose Formotion.