N-Wave Wrist Watch Reborn

Here's a peek into the Formotion garage.  Check back often - this is where we cook up some pretty cool goodies.  Below is our newly design N-Wave wrist watches.  When the first series N-Waves were announced in the Fall of 2006, they were an istant success.  A day hasn't gone by that our customers don't ask us to bring 'em back.  We are thinking seriously about doing this with an updated version - the N-Wave ll.  We'd love your feedback.  Tell us what you think by sending us a note on the form below.  Follow this link and tell what you like and what you don't like and to view all the models.  If you want to be in-line to receive one of the first models, tell us that too!

Formotion and N-Wave is a trademark of Formotion Products Inc - All rights reserved.  Design and Utility Patents pending.

NWave B White.jpg