Replacement O-Rings


Replacement O-Rings


THE most important component inside your gauge is the O-ring.  If your gauges are subject to any kind of moisture, then you must replace your O-rings with EVERY battery change. (3-4 Years)

Size Chart:

  • ELA -  for All Electro Luminescent (Push Button) Models. Size Across Gauge @ 1 3/8"
  • SB -  for all Snap-Back Models.  Size across Gauge @ 1.75"
  • RSL -  for All Reference Series Gauges.  Size across Gauge @ 1.75"
  • GA -  for all Gauges 1.5" across gauge measurement.
  • SL/IP "Outer" -  for all Supperleggera "INSERT" clocks and thermometers (1 3/8" Gauge diameter) - A single o-ring wraps twice (loops) around outside gauge case.  NOTE: Check your gauge-if the o-ring is WIDE & FLAT order OS-IP Flat Gasket.
  • SL/IP "Inner" Case-back - for all Supperleggera "INSERT" clocks and thermometers (1 3/8" gauge diameter) - This o-ring is for the case.back cover. 
  • OS-IP "Flat"  For all "Old School" Insert gauges that use a flat "band" type rubber gasket.
  • HD - For all Harley Davidson Clocks and Thermometers
  • VIC - For all Victory Clocks and Thermometers

Price Per Each.

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Unsure which size to order even after looking at the pictures below? Here’s the fallback rule: Always go by the size (as measured across its face) of your gauge as listed above.