Founded by Richard Bond in 2000, the Formotion Collective is one of the most respected motor-sport accessory design and manufacturing firms in the world.



Established in 2000, Formotion started with two products and 1 local dealer.  Within 6 months they had 4 products and 50 dealers.  In 2004, with 15 products and 300 dealers, they were awarded two US Patents for both Design and Utility for their unique and creative "Stem and Barrel" mounting design - which Formotion founder, Richard Bond, designed and built while working in his Mill Valley, California garage on evenings and weekends prior to Formotion's corporate establishment. 

In 2003, after a dozen Harley Davidson executives and Harley dealership owners made a ride to Sturgis, South Dakota with purchased Formotion gauges on their bikes, Formotion was asked by The Motor Company if we would consider making their gauges for them under an Original Equipment (OEM) agreement - and we still do so today.  By 2006 Formotion outgrew its Marin Mill Valley offices and moved to Sausalito California. By then Formotion had over 100 products and sold to more than 13,000 dealers world wide. 


By 2013 it was clear that Formotion's OEM business was growing and that opportunities existed to speed that growth. In the Fall of 2014 the decision was made to stop the retail line (Formotion's own consumer brand) and concentrate solely on the OEM side of the business and redefine their consumer line.  The reasons for doing such a drastic move were two fold: First, the OEM side could get much bigger - more products and innovations could be developed and made there; as well as other companies were asking Formotion to partner with them for their own brands.  Second, the "way" of doing business direct to the consumer under the "old" model - was outdated, slow and costly.  Reinvention of not only product offerings (what we make) but a reinvention of how they reach their customers around the world needed to take place.  With channels like Amazon now reaching billions of customers, offering lower consumer prices, faster shipping, easy returns and better choices - all from the comfort of your home or office meant staying with the old model didn't make sense any longer. 

New Beginning

So what's Formotion's intention in 2015 forward?  Formotion is ready and excited to bring the next chapter to their customers through all channels.  While we are expanding their OEM business, they are also spending copious amounts of time redefining and redesigning our consumer branded product mix; lowering our costs to consumers and upping the quality and design bar at the same time.  We have some pretty exciting products that we are working on (including wrist watches) and we are committed to taking Formotion to the next level for the consumer.  Our consumer brand will be back - better, cooler, easier to get, easier to use and at a lower cost.  Stay tuned for some exciting times ahead from Formotion.

Formotion.  Adding Value, Function and Convenience
to a motoring world.