Replacement Battery and O-Ring Service

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Replacement Battery and O-Ring Service


Your Formotion gauge (clocks and thermometers) should have their batteries and o-rings changed regularly.  Thermometers have no batteries, but should also have their o-rings changed every 3 years.   This service will change out for fresh batteries (were applicable) and fresh O-Rings plus a good cleaning.  Print out your receipt after purchase of this service order, include it with your gauge to be serviced, and send it to us. 

Formotion Service Center USA
3039 Kilgore Road STE 150
Rancho Cordova, CA95670

We'll take care of the rest, including shipping costs back to you.  Easy.

Select the "Quantity" below corresponding to the number of gauges you want serviced.  NOTE: This is for service as described ONLY.  This is NOT for repair.  If you send in a gauge that requires repair, the gauge will be serviced as specified and sent back to you as is, running or not.

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WHEN SENDING YOUR PRODUCT TO US:  Please DO NOT send your product to us requiring our signature for delivery as this may delay your service or may cause the package to be returned to you as non-deliverable.

Please expect up to two weeks for turnaround once we receive the item.

Thank you.