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 FAQ's, Dimensions, Care, Technical Data, Directions and Guarantee

PLEASE NOTE:  2011 U.S. Regulations require all clocks be manufactured and shipped with the stem in the out position and the clock stopped.  This is a change in how we have shipped our clocks in the past. Your clock may or may not have been shipped to you in this fashion.  If your clock came to you not running, simply check for a plastic "chad" or "spacer" between the clocks stem crown (where you set the time) and the clocks case.  If one exists, simply remove it, set the time, and press the crown in to start the clock.  Thank you.

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Table of Contents

Superleggara / Autosport Gauges - Tips and Tricks

Size and Dimensions

Instruction Sheets

Why Does Formotion Use Only 316L Stainless Steel

Independent Glow Study Results

What is Stem And Barrel Mounting

Why use 3M VHB Tape on Formotion Stick On Products?

How to Care for your New Gauges

Clock and Thermometer Service Requirements

How to change your battery

Refurbishment Service

How to Set the Time on Your Clock

Thermometer Calibration and Accuracy

Compass Calibration

Mounting Your Moto Compass

My C-Mount Doesn't Fit or is Really Hard To Get On - Why?

Warranty Information

You Tube Videos are interspersed throughout index sections and on particular topics. More coming soon!


Superleggera / Autosport  Gauges
and IP Tips and Tricks



Got your new Autosport Superleggera gauges and wondering how to set the time or replace the batteries, or mounting instructions?

CLICK the picture below for a
printable PDF Version of these instructions

The Secret

The first secret to know about your new SL or IP gauge for your vehicle is that it is a two piece design!  It may look to you as one piece - but it really is two pieces.  Here is a picture of the two pieces shown apart:

It's In Two Pieces

To separate the clock or the thermometer from the base, simply insert a blunt object into the small hole found on the base of the mounting plate.  (The bottom is determined by the red and round sticky-disk with the hole in it)  Gently push the blunt object in to the hole until you see or feel the gauge start to separate from the base.  Don't push to hard, because you are pushing against the gauge's back and could damage it.

Setting the Time

Once the gauge starts to separate, it's best to finish removing it by your finger or fingernails.  Once the "Press Fit" gauge is removed from its mounting plate, setting the time becomes obvious and is done exactly like your wrist watch: Gently pull the stem to set the time, and then push the stem back in to start the clock.  Once you are happy with the time setting you can then re-insert the gauge back inside the mounting plate.  Done!

Other Helpful Hints and Tips

Always remove the gauge prior to installation and mount the mounting plate first to your Car, Boat, Rod or Plane.  Do this by removing the protective thin plastic covering from the mounting plates sticky-disk.  Mounting these parts separately will allow you to easily line up the gauge insert for proper and level viewing.

When you are ready to insert your gauge back into its mounting plate, coat the rubber O-rings on the gauge with a little Vaseline or Chapstick.  This will allow for easy future removal by hand for time setting or battery replacement.

When it's time to change the battery, simply remove the gauge from its mounting plate.  The clocks has a press fit back plate that requires a special watch makers tool to pop off.  Replace the battery and have the watchperson snap the clocks case back back on the gauge.



Size and Dimensions


GA, GAL, BP and BPL Series

  • 1.55" Diameter without beauty ring

  • 1.65" Diameter with beauty ring attached.

  • 2.36" Height

  • 1.30" Depth


EL Series

  • 1.45" Diameter (no beauty ring available)

  • 1.30" Depth


  • Accurate Citizen® movement, classic easy to read face

  • Waterproof 3 ATM Classic Series 5 ATM Signature Series

  • Durable brushed zinc alloy metal or 316L Stainless Steel case

  • Stainless Steel Chrome Mounting Plate  
  •  Freeze Resistant  

  • Stainless Steel Socket Head Screw and Washer  

  • Chrome Mounting Bracket with "Secure Key" end to ensure perfect fit on all stock HD switch housings

  • Long Lasting button cell battery (included w/Clock)  

  • Accurate temperature readings in Fo and C

  • Thermometers are all Liquid Filled for Durability

  • LumiNova® Luminescent material used on all glow face products.

Instruction Sheets: (Adobe PDF Format)


RSL-01 (Reference Series)

Snap-Back Instructions and Thermometer Calibration

IP and SL (Superleggara) Clocks & Therms

Power Pod 2.0

Classic and Signature Series Clocks and Therms

35MM Auto Compass

Road King Fork Lock Clocks and Thermometers

Stem Nut Covers




35MM Compass

P-Clamp Mounting Accessory

Trigger Clocks

To Order Replacement Parts - Go HERE



Why Does Formotion Use Only 316L Stainless Steel


316L stainless steel is commonly used in applications requiring high corrosion and heat resistance, toughness and long life. High aesthetics and polishability are added benefits. A virtually non-magnetic material, 316L applications include a wide variety of medical devices, hardware components and small tools.

Physical Properties
Density > 7.9 g/cm³
Melting Point 1302 °C
Mechanical Properties
Ultimate Tensile Strength 510 MPa
Yield Strength 180 MPa
Elongation 50%
Hardness 120 HV10
Fe Balance
Cr 16-18%
Ni 10-14%
Mo 2-3%
Si 1%
C 0.03%



Independent Glow Study Results


The luminosity performance of the Formotion Super LumiGlow™ by LumiNova® gauges based on DIN 67510 activation testing standards (5 min / 1000 LX with Osram Ultravitalux (simulating sunlight)) and determined the light intensities accordingly: the visibility level of 0.3 mCd/m2 = 30 nCd/cm2 is maintained for more than 8 hours.


What is Stem in Barrel Mounting


Each gauge, has a built in stainless steel "Stem" affixed to and through the gauge's back cover; giving it superior strength against stress and vibration.  Surrounding the stem is a clear rubber washer, that aids in the gauge maintaining its position when pulled against the beauty ring.   The new stainless steel beauty ring incorporates a "Barrel"  that accepts the gauge's  stem.  Both pieces are affixed (pulled together) with a stainless socket-head screw and 2" mounting bar from behind -- giving the gauge absolute maximum security against separation from its mounting and the vehicle.  This mounting system is impervious to both weather and temperature and will never wear out or need to be replaced ... ever.


And, each full mount unit can now be run with or without the beauty ring, depending on the users design preference.  


The Stem and Barrel™ system also makes chores like changing the battery or thermometer calibration a snap; giving easy access to the gauges internals.   The system can be taken apart or put together in seconds. 


Nothing better on the planet!


Why use 3M VHB Tape for my Formotion Stick-On Gauge?


Because of the demanding and diverse applications users have for VHB™tapes,
durability has always been a key interest in the performance of these products. One of
the first issues for tapes is retention of tack and adhesion after exposure to elevated
temperatures. The VHB™Adhesive Transfer Tape F-9473PC yielded 92% retention
of peel adhesion after the roll was aged for more than 5 years at 150°F (65°C). The
initial tack and liner release properties were still excellent. The difference in peel
values suggests that a roll of this tape is relatively unaffected by long-term exposure
to elevated temperatures. Bonds made with VHB™Tapes can tolerate periodic, shortterm
exposures to temperatures up to 300°F (150°C) for most Foam Tapes and 500°F
(260°C) for Adhesive Transfer Tapes.



Outdoor weathering decks in Arizona, Florida and other locations around the world
are also used to collect data on the long-term performance of the VHB™tape family.
These tests typically demonstrate about 100% bond strength retention in certain
VHB™Tapes after 2 to 5 years aging cycles in the hot, humid climate of Florida, the
hot, dry and very sunny climate of Arizona and the cold to hot extremes of Minnesota
on bonds to aluminum, glass, PVC and painted metal.


3M VHB White Paper PDF - Go HERE

How to Care for your New Gauges


Thank you for your purchase! You have made a wise choice of quality and durability. These products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, and if something is not right, please let us know and we will make it right immediately. The Classic Series gauges are all fully waterproof to 3 atmospheres and our Signature Series models are rated to a full 5 atmospheres. All have multi-year replaceable batteries (clocks) and the best Citizen™ movements (clocks). Depending on your model, they are either alloy metal cased or 316L stainless steel. All use chrome mountings and stainless steel fasteners for years of quality service. 

Fully waterproof!

Your new Formotion Gauges are multi ATM (BAR) waterproof rated. See the back of the gauge for its ATM rating. Special care of your gauge in wet situations is unnecessary.

Mounting, Adjustments and Considerations:

Each unit has four (4) parts: 1: the gauge, 2: a beauty ring plate that the gauge sits on, 3: a mounting bar attached to the rear and 4: a socket-head screw. 

Each gauge can be mounted with or without the beauty ring plate depending on the users style preference. Use the enclosed shorter screw if you prefer to mount the gauge without the beauty ring plate. Upon reassembly or mounting of your gauge, tighten the socket-head screw snugly - do not over tighten. All Formotion screws come equipped with Loctite™ thread locker preinstalled for added safety.

Clock and Thermometer Service Requirements


Even the most expensive wrist watches from Breitling, Rolex or Bell & Ross et al, require regular service to keep them operating at their best.  Formotion gauges are no different.  Because all quality instruments that are designed to be water resistant use some form of an o-ring seal at their back case covers.  This seal, over time, shrinks and becomes hard and needs to be replaced about every three years or so.  If you have removed the back for any reason, like battery replacement on a clock, you can run the risk of tearing or even loosing the o-ring.  Anytime you replace batteries, you should replace the cases back o-ring.  In addition, over time internal parts require lubrication to continue working their best.  Having a gauge sit in the elements year after year is hard on even the best instruments.  Servicing your Formotion gauge insures that all these service requirements are met giving you many many years of trouble free use of your instrument.

If you are experiencing moisture inside your Formotion gauge and it is nearing it's 3 year service date, most likely it's the deterioration of this inner o-ring.  Likewise, this can be the reason why your Formotion liquid filled thermometer is developing a bubble inside.  Because the o-ring is deteriorating, oil can escape and air can enter the gauge.  Formotion thermometers are designed to withstand full oil loss without any degradation to accuracy and usefulness.  Bubbles become mostly about looks rather than performance on our thermometers.  Because Formotion uses a patented inside bladder system on its thermometers, this helps prevent and ward off water penetration to the inside of the thermometer.

If your gauge is ready for a service or is having problems outside of it's warranty period, simple visit our parts page at: http://www.formotionproducts.com/Parts.htm and order up a service now.  If your gauge is within it's warranty period and you have a copy of its purchase receipt, in most case we will repair or replace it for free. 

For updated Warranty and Refurbishment Services please click this link to go to our SERVICES page.

In addition to Formotion performing these services for you, we sell all the tools and parts required for your self service.  Just visit our parts page (URL listed above) to see all your options.  Also, if sending in your gauge for service is not what you want to do, many quality watch repair shops can perform all these services for you locally.

All returns for service, repair or return require either purchasing a refurbishment service from our web site (URL listed above), or by calling us and getting an authorized RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form to return with your gauge.  No gauges will be accepted without a Service Contract or RMA.


How to Change Your Battery



For Battery Replacement you have a few options:  The batteries are always located behind the rear case covers.  All our clocks use standard replacement batteries easily found at most any drug or department store.

Depending on model, Formotion clocks use three types of methods to attach the rear case cover - knowing which one you have will aid you in removing it for battery replacement.

Snap-Back:  As it sounds, this cover is a press fit into the clock case.  There are no visible tool grabs or markings on the case back, but there probably is a small notch on its side.  It's small and you need to look carefully.  This notch is provided to place a small jewelers knife in between the case's back and the case itself and wedge or pop the back off with a twist of the knife while in this notch.  This back is common with our Press Fit and set screw mounted clocks.

Screw-On Back:  (See YouTube Video above) Most of our clocks use this type of case back.  All our BP and GA series gauges use this type of back.  It's easy to tell if you gauge has this type because the cases back will have 6 notches around it's edge.  These notches are for use with a spanner wrench; by grabbing two of the notches with the spanner and "spinning" the case back off.  Formotion sells a spanner wrench and also an optional vise to help hold the clock while doing the removal.  This is a very common type of watch back, and the Internet is full of tools and spanner wrenches to help you remove this type of back.

Screw-Down Back:  This back is can be recognized by the 4 or 6 screws holding the back down against the case.  Using a small screwdriver, simply remove the screws and lift the back cover off to reveal the battery.

What's Next?

Once you remove the back of your Formotion clock, you'll notice a white plastic movement retainer.  This retainer can and should be removed simply by lifting it out of the open case and setting it aside.  Note that it is inwardly notched so as to clear the stem that reaches across to the movement.  Just make sure you replace the retainer the same way as you took it out keeping this notch and stem in mind.

Looking at the battery, you will notice that it may be held in place by small side "lips" or a very small metal strap across the battery.   In most cases using a small pick, you can nudge the battery out of its location.  If you wish, you can loosen one end of the small metal strap allowing it to swing off the battery allowing easier removal.  Note the + /- polarity position of the existing battery and replace with your new battery the same way. Reattach the small metal strap if necessary, reinstall the plastic retaining ring and reverse the steps for removing the case back to finish your job.

NOTE: Check and insure that the small O-Ring found on the case backs outer edge is in good shape and not torn or broken.  If it is, it must be replaced to insure water resistance. These replacement parts as well as batteries etc can also be purchased from Formotion.

Other Options

If this is all a little daunting and because care is need to ensure that the clock retains its water resistance, you may want to simply take it to a jeweler and have them do the work.  It's relatively cheap and easy and then they are responsible if anything goes wrong or is broken in the process!  The only issue to this may be on our "Stem-Back" models.  Some jewelers may not have the proper spanner wrench to allow for the stem in the center of the back case.  In this instance, simply purchase our spanner wrench and take it with you to the jeweler!  Simple. 

Another option is to have Formotion service the gauge for a nominal fee.  This service includes refurbishment of all parts, cleaning and checking of vitals and new fresh battery replacement.  You can find more details and instructions for this service in the next section.  Go for it - you can do it!


Refurbishment Service


For updated Warranty and Refurbishment Services please click this link to go to our SERVICES page.


How to Set The Time On Your Clock


PLEASE NOTE:  2011 U.S. Regulations require all clocks be manufactured and shipped with the stem in the out position and the clock stopped.  This is a change in how we have shipped our clocks in the past. Your clock may or may not have been shipped to you in this fashion.  If your clock came to you not running, simply check for a plastic "chad" or "spacer" between the clocks stem crown (where you set the time) and the clocks case.  If one exists, simply remove it, set the time, and press the crown in to start the clock.  Thank you.

NOTE: Some new clocks will ship with a small "chad" placed between the crown and the case to stop the watch from running while in shipment.  This preserves the battery from running down until the customer removes this small plastic piece and starts the clock.

Pull out the stem carefully, and turn the stem to the correct time. Carefully push the stem back in to start the clock once the time is set.

Pulling the stem stops the clock / battery from running and this might be useful if you plan to not use the gauge (say for the winter) to save battery life. Battery life is up to 3 years. 

Some stems on new clocks can be a bit sticky making it hard to move the clock hands initially, this is nothing to worry about and will loosen as it breaks in and is used. Sometimes a pair of tweezers or small needle nose pliers will aid you in setting the hands to the correct time initially but be careful not to pull the stem out of the clock case.

Thermometer Calibration and Accuracy


CALIBRATION OF THE THERMOMETERS:  The factory specification for calibration variance should be within +/- 3-5 degrees accuracy.  If you feel your “GAL” or "BPL" Series thermometer is not within the specification, please call us for instructions.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE BACK COVER OF YOUR THERMOMETER.  IT IS LIQUID FILLED AND YOU WILL COMPROMISE THE FLUID. 

The only way to test your thermometer is to see how good it is at measuring something that is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 Degrees Celsius. In other words, you dunk the thermometer in ice water. Crushed ice works best, (with the ice crushed in small pieces, and the water slightly below the top level of the ice).  Water with ice cubes or larger chunks of ice will not be at 32F.  It will be at 34 to 35F, probably.  And you'll need to fill a glass with mostly ice, and just enough water to make a slush. Set the Formotion thermometer down inside the ice water.  Now that you have dunked your thermometer and given the internal oil a bit of time to come to temperature (about 15 - 30 min), you can see if it is reading 32 degrees (0 Celsius), the freezing point of water. If your ice water mixture is too watery, without sufficient ice, you may get a 33 or 34 degree reading (1-2 degrees Celsius).  Put more crushed ice into the mix. At some point, you should see the unit display something very, very close to 32 degrees

When testing a thermometer for accuracy, all you're trying to do is make sure that your unit is not grossly out of whack. You should be worried about being off by +/-10°F, not +/-3-4°F. If your testing shows that your thermometer is off by only a few degrees, don't do anything--just take those few degrees into account when reading your thermometer.

It should be noted that even the highest high-quality, industrial-grade thermometers are only accurate to +/-2% of their scale.

Bottom line: Don't sweat your thermometer being off by a few degrees!

While we have a special process during manufacturing that virtually eliminates any air bubbles in our thermometers, some small air bubbles may exist or develop over time; this is normal and in no way affects the thermometer. 

Compass Calibration


The Formotion Moto Compass has adjustable compensators in its base which will allow you to calibrate your compass, compensating for magnetic interference which could be found in the mounting area.

All Formotion Moto Compass compensators have been set at the factory to the neutral position and may be perfectly calibrated right out of the box for your bike. 


If you feel that you are getting magnetic interference that may cause false or inaccurate readings, follow the simple calibration instructions below.  A full copy of these instructions is also included with the compass.

Be sure to face your vehicle to TRUE North, East, South and West headings while doing steps 2,3,4 and 5 of the following instructions:

Compensating Instructions:

1. Hold compass in the desired mounting position.

2. Head NORTH, turn the N/S compensator screw very slowly until the dial reads "N".

3. Head EAST, turn the E/W compensator screw very slowly until the dial reads "E".

4. Head SOUTH, if the compass does not read exactly "S", turn the N/S compensator screw just enough to remove only half the error. EXAMPLE: if the reading is off 2 marks on the dial, then adjust it to make the dial read only 1 mark off.

5. Head WEST, if the compass does not read exactly "W" then follow the same instructions as in line 4 using the E/W compensator screw.

NOTE: Use only the adjusting tool or dime to adjust the compensating screws. DO NOT use a steel screw-driver (This will affect the compass magnets).

Mounting Your Moto Compass


Mount the compass using the enclosed brass "L" bracket.

Secure the notched end of the L bracket to a 1/4 inch screw or bolt on the vehicle with the large opening of the bracket on top, ideally a windshield acorn bolt or switch housing screw.

Slide the compass stem bottom into the large opening on the L bracket. Once sitting atop the "L"  bracket, slide the black plastic spacer over the compass stem and secure using the enclosed washer and short sockethead screw.

All our gauges are waterproof and the compass is no exception. Special consideration in wet conditions is unnecessary.

Remember; mount the compass as level as possible so that the rotating internal indicator does not hang-up on the glass and can spin freely - ENJOY!

All parts are replaceable, so don’t worry – just give us a shout if you need anything.  Enjoy your new gauges.  And send us a picture of your Formotion bike to put up on the web site! 

My C-Mount Doesn't Fit or is Really Hard To Get On - Why?


Because of the precarious way in which a C-Mount is attached to your handlebars, you don't want it to come off easily and fly down the road behind you - or worse into your buddy's ride.  For this reason the tolerances are very tight to insure a safe snug fit.  All you need are some simple tricks to get it mounted correctly and easily.

When the product is new, the internal rubber scuff pads are hard and not very flexible.  This is the main reason why it's hard to get it on or in some cases, doesn't even seem like it wants to fit at all.  Add this to the fact that some bars can be a little thicker than others due to chrome thickness, bar bends or manufacture strengthening techniques.

To mount your C-Mount, first remove the gauge from the mount by prying the gauge out of the mount with your fingernails or by pushing through the underside hole with a blunt object to get the gauge to loosen from the mount.  Go easy and watch as it starts to move out of the mount.  (Do it over your bed or a soft towel in case the gauge flies or pops out of the mount unexpectedly)  Next back out (but not completely) the small set screw on the side of the C-Mount.

Once the gauge is removed, lubricate the rubber scuff pads and the metal around the pads on the inside/underside of your C-Mount.  We like to use any good Anti Seize grease, but even soap and water should work just fine - even standard Vaseline will work!   Position the C-Mount where you want it and press it firmly into place.  Don't be afraid - put some weight into it (come on you're stronger than that!) - those scuff pads are stiff!.  Once the C-Mount has grabbed the bars even a little, grab your rubber mallet and tap the mount on all the way until you have a nice clean fit with little to no gap.  Done!

If you find that you need to re-position the mount, just work it off the bars (yes it will be a bit hard - but it will come off - Keep working it and don't forget the mallet if you need it).  Re position it and follow the steps above again.  You'll find that subsequent attempts will be much easier as the rubber scuff pads take on the proper shape of the bars and compress a little.

Lastly once you are happy with the position, tighten the set screw just firmly - don't over do it, its a tiny thing!  Now that wasn't so bad.  Go for a ride and enjoy it.

Warranty Information



All pricing subject to change without notice


We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and Amex.  COD and Checks on request.


All Domestic U.S. orders are shipped via UPS, Fedex or USPS ground.  Outside Domestic U.S. orders are sent U.S. Postal Service - Air Mail unless other service is requested.


All returns must be returned prepaid.  Products altered in any way are not returnable. 


Upon purchase:  90 day Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

After Purchase:  If your Formotion gauge should EVER break in any way EVER, get scratched EVER, rust EVER or just get too dirty to clean EVER and you want it refurbished to new condition FOR ANY REASON .. ahh.. EVER, just send it back to us with a check or money order for $32.50 for shipping and handling and we will refurbish it to new condition GUARANTEED!  Lost or Stolen parts do not qualify ...duh!

All Formotion products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Within this period, Formotion, Inc. will, at its sole option, repair or replace any components, which fail in normal use. Such repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to the customer for parts or labor, provided that the customer shall be responsible for any transportation cost. This warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, misuse, accident or unauthorized alterations or repairs.

Note: Repairs have a 90 day warranty. If the unit sent in is still under its original warranty, then the new warranty is 90 days or to the end of the original one year warranty, depending upon which is longer.



Formotion retains the exclusive right to repair or replace the product or offer a full refund of the purchase price at its sole discretion. SUCH REMEDY SHALL BE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR ANY BREACH OF WARRANTY.

Should a defect in material or workmanship be discovered, the Formotion product must be returned to the Formotion reseller/distributor from whom it was purchased.  Customers purchasing directly from Formotion must request, and receive, a return authorization by calling 415-331-0400 a requesting an authorization.  Direct customers are responsible for shipping charge to return defective merchandise. 

Products older than 12 months may be eligible for replacement or upgrade at a reduced fee.  See Formotion’s website at:
www.formotionproducts.com for details.  The replacement/upgrade offer is available only to end user customers in the continental United States.

Canadian Returns
Simply return the item to us within 30 days to:

Formotion Products Inc
30 Liberty Ship Way STE 3110
Sausalito, CA.  94965

We ask that returned products be in the same condition as they were when you received them with original packaging and materials. No returns will be accepted if parts are missing. A receipt or RMA number acquired by calling Formotion Returns Department at Toll Free at 1-888-747-2218 must accompany all returns.

Credits or Refunds will be issued when the returned merchandise has been received and processed in the U.S. Please allow approximately 7 to 15 business days. To request a refund of duty and taxes, complete the back of Form E-14, Canadian Customs Postal Import Form, and send it to the nearest Canadian Casual Refund Centres (listed on the back of the form). When you ask for a refund, you must show proof that you returned the goods. Please note that brokerage handling fees will not be refunded. The B2G form can be obtained from the
CBSA website or a Canadian Customs office in your area.





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