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Automotive Compass
Mount via Suction or Stick-On

Old School Analog GPS!

Solid brass and stainless-steel construction for years of use!  Use the aircraft type adjusters on the bottom of the compass to accurately compensate the compass against false readings from metal areas and/or adjacent magnetic fields.

Universal Mount - Suction Cup or 3M Two Sided Tape (included)

Very Accurate.

Aircraft Type "Side" Compensators.

Redesigned internal magnets for reliable and precise movement

Compass housing is screwed to its base for security against vibration.

Solid Brass and Stainless Steel Construction for years of use.

Full Mounting Hardware and Instructions Included.

Mounts easily to any surface

Universal Mount - Suction Cup or 3M Two Sided Tape (included)
Mounting Plate with suction cups ships black color.

All Formotion Compass compensators have been set at the factory to the neutral position and may be perfectly calibrated right out of the box for your car, boat or RV. 


Compensating Instructions:

It's easier than ever to compensate the new Formotion Auto Compass because all the adjusting screws are reachable while the compass is attached to the car! 

1. Attach the compass in the desired mounting position.

2. Head NORTH, turn the N/S compensator screw very slowly until the dial reads "N".

3. Head EAST, turn the E/W compensator screw very slowly until the dial reads "E".

4. Head SOUTH, if the compass does not read exactly "S", turn the N/S compensator screw just enough to remove only half the error. EXAMPLE: if the reading is off 2 marks on the dial, then adjust it to make the dial read only 1 mark off.

5. Head WEST, if the compass does not read exactly "W" then follow the same instructions as in line 4 using the E/W compensator screw.

NOTE: Use only the adjusting tool or dime to adjust the compensating screws. DO NOT use a steel screw-driver (This will affect the compass magnets).



IMPORTANT:  The new Formotion Auto Compass internal magnets are very strong.  We did this because they are designed to be used in motorsport applications that can incorporate a lot of metal and or other material that can produce false readings or even stop the compass from working properly at all. 

The Formotion Auto Moto Compasses strong internal magnets helps eliminate unwanted distortion from the surrounding metal on your vehicle but means that you have to be very sensitive when you turn the compasses compensating screws to calibrate your compass: a little is a lot on these settings. 

When the compensating screws are at a horizontal position they are considered in the neutral position.  Start with both screws in this position.  Follow the instructions above, but be careful not to turn the screws too much: never turn the screws fully vertical as this positions the internal magnets at the compass ball in a very direct and strong way and you may find that it is so strong that the compass may not spin freely.  Your settings should always be degrees OFF the vertical position either way.  Remember, turn the screws very little for each calibration step.

Available Only In Black


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Photos by Peter Harvey

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