Bud Light Salutes 25 Years of Team Seebold Championship Powerboat Racing
ST. LOUIS (June 22, 2006) – The 2006 Champboat Series marks Bud Light’s 25th year sponsoring Team Seebold, making the Bud Light/Team Seebold partnership one of the longest active major team sponsorships in powerboat racing and motorsports history.   

Seebold Set To Scuttle Rinker Roll In St. Louis
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – July 30, 2006 – Native son Tim Seebold returns to his hometown itching to continue his string of domination at his home Grand Prix as a large field of drivers are scheduled to meet for the 35th Bud Light St. Louis Grand Prix at Creve Couer Lake on August 19th and 20th for the 4th stop on the 2006 ChampBoat Grand Prix Series.    

Seebold 2nd in Bay City

Tim Seebold of Osage Beach, Mo., started third but quickly moved into second place off the starting dock and took the lead on lap 10 when Rinker was slowed in traffic...


BAY CITY, MICH. (June 25, 2006) - Terry Rinker of Tampa, Fla., won the first Champ Boat Series race of 2006 on a very rough and windy Saginaw River Sunday. He started on the pole and led 45 of 50 laps in the 19th annual Labadie Cadillac River Roar at Bay City.
Tim Seebold of Osage Beach, Mo., started third but quickly moved into second place off the starting dock and took the lead on lap 10 when Rinker was slowed in traffic. The race was red-flagged on lap 16, however, when Shaun Torrente of Miami, Fla., blew his boat over on the back straight while running second.
On the restart, Rinker won the drag race off the dock and down the back straight to reclaim the lead. Tim Seebold's Bud Light Racing Team boat dogged Rinker through the end of the race. He often moved within striking distance when Rinker hit rough water and heavy traffic, but was unable to pass him a second time and crossed the finish line about two seconds behind the winner. Wyatt Nelson of Cazenovia, N.Y., finished third. Brian Normand of Mandeville, La., was fourth and Lynn Simburger of Elsah, Ill., was fifth.

The River Roar was the first race of the 25th anniversary season of the Bud Light Racing Team. Since the Anheuser-Busch brand began sponsoring Team Seebold for the 1982 outboard powerboat racing season, Bill Seebold and sons Mike and Tim have competed in approximately 220 races and captured 14 championships.

Tim, the team's current driver, has been the sport's North American champion four times, including the 2002 and 2004 Champ Boat titles.

The 30-lap final for the Champ 2 class was won Sunday by Scott Landgraf of Maple Plain, Minn.

John Broge of Wyandotte, Mich., was second and Kris Shepard of Antioch, Ill., was third.


Tim Seebold has won 4 North American powerboat racing championships in the past 7 seasons. He has finished in the top three in nine of the last 11 seasons, including three second-place rankings in contests that were not decided until the last race of the season. Over the last 10 years he has posted 20 victories, the second-best record in the sport.

Tim Seebold - 2004 Champboat winner.

Tim won his first championship at the age of 17, driving a Mod 50 boat to a Mod 90-class Marathon Nationals victory and world record at Lake Alford, Florida. In 1990 he earned the SST-140 championship in the Outboard Performance Craft Nationals at Kankakee, IL. The following year he brought home another Marathon Nationals trophy, this time in the Mod U class, from Huntington, West Virginia.

He always wanted to race

Driving a championship-caliber boat is a dream come true for Tim, who grew up watching his father, Bill, win the biggest boat races in the world.

Racing has always been a big deal for me. When I was starting out, racing was all I thought about," he said. "All I wanted to do was work on the boat, go drive the boat, or talk about driving the boat. Boat racing is something I dreamed about my whole life." Tim earned his first championship at the top level of powerboat racing in 1998 and repeated in 1999 - 2002 and 2004.

Tim won his first boat racing championship at the age of 17. He drove a Mod 50 boat to a Mod 90-class Marathon Nationals victory and world record at Lake Alford, Fla., that year. In 1990 he earned the SST - 140 championship in the Outboard Performance Craft Nationals at Kankakee, Ill. The following year he brought home another Marathon Nationals trophy, this time in the Mod U class, from Huntington, W. Va.
Before joining the Champ boat ranks full-time, Tim won four U.S. titles in the IOGP SST - 140 class in 1990, 1991, 1993 and 1994.

Running on the edge

The driver’s performance may count more in boat racing than in any other form of motorsports. Even at the top level of powerboat racing, many teams have similar technology and most boats have all the power the driver can handle. Teams struggle to find even the smallest improvements in performance. “Getting the ‘big speed’ is easy.

Finding that last one or two percent is a struggle.
You've got to get points every time you go out there. Every lap counts. Every heat counts. You can't even screw up a heat race up.

You can't have a mechanical failure, you can't have a driver failure, you can't have a crew failure,” Tim said.

"As close as everybody is running, you've also got to have some luck. With all the preparation you do, all the hard work you do, all the heat races you run, and the championship comes down to the last heat of the last event of the year, luck makes the difference," he said. "But that's part of racing."

Tim enjoys the planning and strategy involved in racing. "If you're looking for somebody who can make that boat go absolutely as fast as it can go, that's not my forte," he said. "If you want a guy to go out when there are 20 other people on the water and pick through the traffic and out-think the guys ahead of you and behind you, that's the part I like best. “I enjoy the mental aspect of it - setting the boat up for the conditions of the day, picking the right prop and the right engine set-up."

Boat racing requires a level of concentration that may be unmatched in motorsports, said Tim, who was a wrestler in high school and college and raced motorcycles before settling on boat racing. "With this type of racing, you're not really relaxed down the straightaway. You're trimming the boat constantly. You have to be 100 percent focused all the time. The unique thing about boat racing is that the course is different every single lap. It can be tough sometimes, especially when it gets right down to the wire at the end."

Tim is a personal watercraft and all-terrain-vehicle dealer in Osage Beach, Mo., at the Lake of the Ozarks. He opened Seebold Sports there in 1993. In 1998 he purchased Seebold Racing, the family race boat-building business in Fenton, Mo., from his father.

He has enough to do to keep two or three people busy, but Tim says he likes it that way. He spends part of each week at Seebold Sports, and then makes the two-hour drive to spend the rest of the week at Seebold Racing.

Tim Seebold Career Highlights

Birth Date: January 28, 1964
Home: Osage Beach, Missouri

Wife: Deb

World record holder, Mod 90 1982
Marathon Nationals champion 1982, 1990, 1991
SST 140 National champion 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994
PROP Tour Formula One champion 1998, 1999
Champ Boat Series champion 2002, 2004
Second, Champ Boat Series points 2003
Second, U.S. Formula One points 1993, 1995, 2000
Third, U.S. Formula One points 2001
Mount Fuji, Japan, UIM race winner 1994
Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta winner 1995, 1996
Sault Ste. Marie River winner 2004
Saskatoon winner 2004
Bud Light St. Louis Grand Prix winner 2004
Roar of the Rockies winner 2004

Before the St Louis GP, Tim Seebold said he had a dream - the same one said he has had about this time every year for the last 16 years. He said he dreamed that he would wake up today and win the Bud Light St. Louis Grand Prix, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious outboard powerboat races.

He went out and did it, leading all 50 laps to join his father Bill and older brother Mike on this list of Bud Light Grand Prix winners. Bill, now retired from driving, had won the top class in St. Louis seven times and Mike has won it six times. With Tim’s victory, the Seebold family now has won their hometown race 14 times in 33 years.

The victory was the third of 2004 and 16th career victory in the Champ class for Seebold.

The team’s associate sponsors include Bud-Lite, Formotion Products Inc, Red Line Oil, Polaris Personal Watercraft, Rhino Linings, NGK Spark Plugs, ATL Fuel Cells, XG-ad and Safety-Kleen.

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